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♪ there's a dream that strings ♪ the road with broken glass ♪ for us to hold and i cut so ♪ far before i had to say >> zbleex at 9:00 what organizers at an art festival are saying after one person was killed at the event. also how police are gearing up for tomorrow's superbowl. for tomorrow's superbowl. fans talk about all the fun well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year
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when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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>> ama: i'm ama daetz. in less than 24 hours we'll have a new superbowl champion. they are going for a sixth franchise trophy. they are getting used to the foomd and stadium. streets are packed with niner fans as they told katie marzullo it was expensive but well worth it to join the super party in new orleans. >> in new orleans it's always a party but something feels different now. >> go niners! >> 49er fans have arrived and they all have a tale to tell us. they are from sacramento. michael went online and his fate was sealed. >> i knew they were going. i bought the tickets. we'll get arrangements. we tried to get flights and we
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couldn't so we drove here. >> we were driving here, it was a lot of fun. >> joe is here from san francisco. he a season ticket holder and world's most generous niner fan. >> i gave two tickets to my son and daughter and i bought mine. >> his cost $1400. toss the 50-yard line. you don't have to be from san francisco or california to be a 49er fan. meet curtis from mississippi. >> we have to support them. >> a t-shirt is one thing but carlos is taken his gear to a new level. >> i have for years and years. my last year is lima. 49er lima is what i am. >> what he isn't is a ticket holder. that is good when you are a 49er faithful. >> there are more raven fans here. there is one.
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i tell you what the niner fans and brought heart and confidence and predicting a win. >> ama: san francisco police expected a huge fan turnout in the city tomorrow. that is why they'll be twice as many officers patrolling the city streets. mayor has asked bars to be aware how much alcohol they are selling. police arrested a dozen people of them and most were for public intoxication. to help keep fans safe they will hold indictment checkpoints throughout the bay area. they found on superbowl sunday, alcohol related car crashes increased 75% in california. you can turn to right after the superbowl to see the celebration. we will be live in the air with how fans are reacting. tonight we are learning more about a 13-year-old girl found dead in fairfield. her body was found yesterday
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morning in a park where a memorial is growing tonight. police say she was naked though there were no signs of trauma or blood. they will not say how he is a died. she was a seventh grader. her foster parents reported her missing thursday after school. >> a shooting at last night before friday's celebration in oakland has left one person dead and three others wounded. here is what happened. >> flowers have been placed where she was shot to death. it happened during oakland's first celebration on 20th street and telegraph avenue. >> people running one way and cops running the opposite ray. >> she is a manager at a restaurant one block away from the shooting. shots were fired after confrontation broke out. a 17-year-old boy and two women are were also wounded. brown says the event attracts
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more than 10,000 people with music and entertainment. it has never had this kind of problem before. >> i think that overall, it's still a great event. it's a busy night for us. we think it's great for oakland, but it does seem like it needs more organizational help for safety. >> first friday is an event for artists and then turned into a festival. a board member says his group and first friday are going to try to make some changes. >> our hearts go out to the victim's and we're going to do what we can to address that love oakland and want to keep the positive energy going. >> some residents wonder if the shooting could end first fridays. >> at that point, it's wonderful and helpful for us. >> oakland police have not released the names of people that were wouchbded. we tried to reach the mayor to
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find out if there is future for first fridays but our calls have not returned. $25,000 reward is being offered for an arrest in this case. >> tomorrow a medical call in fremont turns into a hazmat situation today. emergency personnel were called to a home around 9:30 this morning. a man had gone into cardiac arrest and he could not save him. they found chemicals near his body. they evacuated the home and called in a hazmat crew. the ravens, a former star made it into the hall of fame but no niners made the cut. who received the special honor today. >> plus, a mystery washing ashore in england. here is a rare sight. a little kitty swimming. why she is learning to paddle.
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>> i'm leigh glaser. temperatures came down a few degrees today. but what about that super sunda
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>> ama: inventor of the epistat has passed away. he came up with a concept. he peeled a decal from a license plate and transferred to the opposite side. more than a hundred million have been sold. he died in paris. he was 86 years old. >> in the u.k., wildlife experts are baffled after hundreds of birds have washed ashore. they are covered in an unidentified suspension.
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they can't fly or swim. at least a dozen have died. they say they have never seen the substance before. samples have been sent to labs for testing. researchers say it's not the quantity of sleep that you get is important but the quality. it affects what you can remember. we'll head to a berkeley science lab and find out what they say you can do to get more sleep at night. >> and leigh glaser is up with a superbowl forecast. >> unbeaten sharks are going for their eighth straight win tonight. hall of fame have seven new members. >> and oscars are just three weeks away. we are the only play to watch and get ready for the big event. check out the my pic f
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>> ama: scientist in berkeley found out that sleep could affect what you remember. >> they discovered what happens at night is how memory fades. it's what kind of sleep that may be crucial. slow wave sleep, non-dream deep sleep that occurs in the first if you are foo hours. your brain waves are different. >> that sleep is transferring memories in one location within the brain, a short term location to a long term location. >> we heard of testing memory by
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recalling dates and faces but researchers asked people to memorize ordinary words paired with nonsense words, like jump and vil anette. the ability declines with age. they tested to see if people could remember the word pairings after sleep. the older patients had a harder time remembering the words. >> if you have bad sleep the memory was a lot worse. if we can improve sleep we could improve memory. >> no matter what you your age, there is a way to improve your memory. >> exercise may be especially interesting in relationship to this deep slow wave sleep. it can increase the amount of time that you spend in that deep slow wave sleep. >> they say it's important to exercise, it's not a good idea
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to do just before bed. >> mayor ed lee is looking at the way the city can cash in on sporting events. they want to establish an inch organization to bring future events here including the olympic games. mayor said the idea grew out of efforts to raise $20 million to help cover the city's cost to hosting the america's cup this summer. >> let's not forget the big game abc crews are there in fact, katie marzullo and wayne freedman ran into each other while talking to fans on the river walk. she tweeted this out. check out all the photos at san francisco chinatown kicked off the lunar new year with a mini celebration. this is the year of the snake and today the chinese new year flower fair which is held a week before the chinese new year day happens. a smaller version of the parade
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marches down grant avenue. thousands of people enjoyed patted raid. >> it was a little cooler today than this past week. >> finally looking at sunshine late in the afternoon with the high clouds and the valley fog that kept a cap on some inland temperatures but right now, here is a live shot looking down toward the bay bridge with san francisco in the background. we're picking up on some of those high clouds continuing to stream in two directions, one from south to north. then we have another batch right here that is moving onshore. so definitely we'll see high clouds increasing the bay area overnight tonight. onshore clouds moving on in. then we'll look for afternoon sunshine tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at current readings. 45 in novato. 52 in oakland getting cool into our east bay with antioch as
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well as livermore. 48 in san jose. we'll go with passing high clouds overnight tonight. pockets of valley fog mainly in the north bay and around the coast this evening. sunshine for the super sunshine and enjoy the next couple of days. as we get into mid-week, cooler weather pattern will set up and could mean the return of some showers. we've been talking about this all day today for tonight through early sunday morning. dangerous breaker waves. moving back from the water's edge and avoid slippery rocks. waves will come down a little bit as we go into sunday. lows tonight. uniform, mid to low 40s around san francisco, briat as well as the peninsula but the interior north bay as well as east bay will be cool is where temperatures will be upper 30s to upper 40s. low clouds will come in as a bit
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of fog. that will help us blanket a little more. satellite and radar composite, southern california getting hit with showers. check that out. area of low pressure just off the coast bringing the moisture. some of these high clouds have ventured up toward the bay area last night and today. we also had a batch of clouds sitting off the coast. we will be sandwiched between the two systems tomorrow. high pressure will still be in command and it will hold so for the next several days. we will look for some hazy sunshine for our super sunday tomorrow. temperatures generally in the 60s. as we head into mid-week, this high will start to weaken. that will allow a cooler weather pattern to set up. new orleans tomorrow, for people that are out and about, it will be partly cloudy, mid to upper 60s, monday it will start to cloud up with a chance of rain, temperatures in the mid to upper
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60s. so 63 for santa rosa, fairfield, 62. 63 for oakland. 60 for san francisco. 63 for santa cruz and hazy sunday and here is a look at seven-day forecast. we do have sunday and monday and tuesday, wednesday and thursday and friday much cooler air in the 50s thursday and friday. that is when we could possibly see the showers return. >> ama: rick is here doing sports and some n.f.l. players. >> we didn't get to go to new orleans, i thought i would bring new orleans to you. mardi gras feed, good for you. >> we love you. >> all right. on to sports. they have named ed debartolo but
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the red and gold were represented. larry alan spent most of his career with cowboys but the final two seasons with san francisco. raiders were represented by warren sapp and best years were with tampa bay. he did play four seasons. 96 sacks are the second most for a defensive tackle. >> my feet never touched the ground for 30 minutes. this is unbelievable. we played ultimate team sported and this is ultimate examination of an individual. >> he broke down and started crying. >> larry allen started crying? >> yes, sir. >> and crying in football. join them, chris carter. dave robinson. offensive tackle, jonathan ogden. and his coach, bill purchase
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sells that led them to two titles. >> sharks have played seven games and have not yet faced a defeat. the keep had to be pleased with the team's started. san jose did blow a great opportunity in the secondly. ryan goes up and martin celebrates instead of putting the puck back in the net. he thought it was in. he skated right over it. after two periods, there is no score. >> after sitting out the last two games with a sprained ankle, curry was back. golden state is hosting phoenix. andrew jams it home. he had 8 points the first half. curry's ankle had ten points at the break. nice pass by bogen who behind barnes. suns led by four. third quarter action, curry on the break, the hoop and the foul.
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right now the warriors lead late in the third, 78-68. after losing at tampa, oregon state, late in the contest, just tin cobb connects. the bears defense coming up big and gets the ball back on a jumped possession. a pair of free throws, 58-54 the fans storm the court. bears are now 13-8. >> over in moraga. st. mary's fans enjoyed a laffer against portland. here a steal and st. mary's led by 21 at the break. gales win their seventh straight 77-42 and improve to 19-4. usf and have dones led and check
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out this one by cody. here is the reverse layup. 86-78 victory. santa clara in provo basing byu. broncos couldn't slow down matt. he scored a season high 28 points. cougars broke it open. santa clara loses and broncos to fall to 5-4 in the conference. >> at 11:00 we'll go live to new orleans where mike shumann will give his superbowl predictions. >> he has been holding out on us. >> if he picks baltimore he will be in big trouble. >> a cat owner had to take drastic steps to get
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